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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 9, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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right now, new images today of the dignified transfer of soldiers killed in afghanistan. their families forced to cover their cost during the government shutdown as the american public grows more tired of some members of congress and what's seen as less than dignified leadership. >> do you think senator reid doesn't like our veterans or the va in particular? >> i'm happy to answer the question about senator reid personally, i think he very highly values veterans. as to why we are unable -- congress is unable to do its business, i will leave to the members to discuss. >> and developing now, the president set to nominate the first woman to head the fed. why main street and wall street are relieved by his choice. police in san francisco about to release new information
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within this hour about a body found in a stairwell of the hospital and it is likely a patient who disappeared from her room two weeks ago. hi, everyone, i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following what could be the lasting picture of this government shutdown. the body of pfc cody patterson whose family gave permission to show the transfer. his casket arrived with the bodies of three other american soldiers killed in afghanistan on sunday. their remains were greeted by defense secretary chuck hagel but some of the families had to pay their own flights to the ceremony because of the government shutdown. they did not get emergency benefits, $100,000 pays within 36 hours of a death. however, maryland based fisher house foundation stepped in to
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cover the cost the government would not pay. >> fisher house has always been about family. so it was just -- it was something i felt compelled to do. >> right now congress is working on a fix. the house is expected to vote in the next hour on a republican measure that would allow the pentagon to pay death benefits during the shutdown. a new ap poll shows 62% blame the shutdown on republicans in congress. 49% say president obama and democrats in congress share the blame. the poll also shows this incredible number, congress has an approval rating now of just 5%. the president is at 37%. all of this comes amid new signs of movement in the stalemate over this government shutdown and raising the debt limit. we'll get into that in a minute. but first jim mick la chef xi joins us. this may be one of the lasting
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images when we think of the impact of the shutdown. the president, jay carney had more reaction to what's happened here. >> what's clear and what's the good news about this is fixing this problem appears to be an extremely fast track. lightning speed when you think about congress. and there are some indications that all of this could be put back into place and properly fixed by the perhaps as early as the end of the day. another piece of good news in regard to that, even though some of these death benefits have been delayed, that money for now 26 service members who have died either in combat, accidents or other causes, those 26 members have had $100,000 in death benefits put aside within the pentagon budget. that money is already been a allocat allocated, once the president signs the law, with a push of
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the button the pentagon can get that process started to have that money wired to those families. usually it takes somewhere between 28 hours to three days for that process to be completed, tamron. >> let me play, mik, what jay carney just said regarding the president being very disturbed at learning about the issue and to your point it's expected to be remedied today. let's play it. >> the president was very disturbed to learn of this problem. and he directed the department of defense to work with the office of management and budget and his lawyers to develop a possible solution. and he expects this -- he expects, rather, the president expects this to be fixed today. >> which is exactly what you said as well. >> you know, there was a question when the congress passed the pay the military now law so that military service members could receive their pay and allowances, like housing allowances for example, during this shutdown. but it only provided for pay and
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allowances. so that got the lawyers here at d.o.d. and justice department putting their heads together to see if they could somehow use that law to provide the benefits. it was decided by both the pentagon and justice that it couldn't be done. hence it had to be thrown back to congress for that fix, tamron. >> thank you very much. let's bring in nbc news capitol hill correspondentelly o'donnell, also nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff and john salts, i would like to start with you, you have been very vocal about this issue and you and others are concerned about other benefits that vets are expected that could be impacted by the shutdown. >> we've had over 9,000 veterans contact us and check our box in our e-mail operation specifically saying they are affected by the shutdown. it's a variety offish y isfis ff
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there's a natural disaster, the national guard can't respond. we have veterans who lost an arm or leg in vietnam or iraq or afghanistan, in two weeks won't get benefits anymore. what happens to retiree benefits. you heard general shinseki testify, he's been very vocal about the backrepublicans in congress put a lot of pressure about the claims that have happened through ptsd or agent orange and these backlogs and claims are going way up. there's a tremendous amount of issues. the only way to fix the issueses towelfy fund the entire government immediately. veterans are affected by all departments. >> kelly, this "wall street journal" op-ed by paul ryan, why people believe this may be an olive branch or something. he says the president is giving congress silent treatment. that's a shame to break the
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deadlock both sides should agree to common sense reforms of the country's entitlement and tax codes and he goes on to talk about entitlement reform but does not focus in on kelly, we we know has been the rallying cry for a lot of conservatives which is the president's health care law. our first read team seems to believe that may be a light at the end of the tunnel. everything paul ryan is discussing in the op-ed has been discussed in prior meeting with leadership and checked off the list here. >> well, part of what we've had is this shutdown began in a battle over the health care law versus keeping government open and could those two be put together? now they are expanding number of issues on the table. and the upside to that could be -- there's more to talk about, perhaps more room for some discussion on how to find common ground on some of those areas, die diem if a sizing the
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focus on changes to the health care law which they do not want to see and have been revery clear they are not going to make changes of any big nature. having more issues could be a path to getting to a conversation. there's still lots of other wrinkles in this that are substantial over whether or not there's real negotiating that could begin. by expanding the number of issues and deemphasizing the health care law, there could be a way to cool temperatures. >> i think what prettity much all of us saw, there's no mention of president's health care law, he says here, what paul ryan called for were some of the very things that obama and democrats have already put on table, medicare means testing? check. further long term entitlement cuts? check. bipartisan tax reform. check. how does this play with the conservatives who do not want obama care off the table as it's
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been put obama care or bust? >> for those most hardened on that it won't be enough. but you can expand the group of people willing to be a part of the conversation. we're seeing more of that. i'm talking to senators who are republicans and who are not among the more vocal tea party affiliated type senators looking for these sort of topic areas to say, can't we come together. these issues have been talked about before. but perhaps they could be talked about in the context of the debt ceiling, coming to some agreement, these are not new issues but there is an urgency to get something done. could they find a way to reach longer term budget agreements to deal with these issues? part of what you could see is that the sequester levels we've talked about, perhaps some give on that in exchange for other kinds of cuts. all of that could be on the table. i think paul ryan is sort of a messenger to say let's make it a bigger conversation. >> speaking of the messenger,
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you've had excellent reporting today regarding their role in maybe getting into the heads of some conservatives who are exclusively focused on obama care. >> right, fascinating letter today from koek industries, distancing the company, the brothers themselves from the whole fight over obama care and tieing it to a government shutdown and debt ceiling. letter to members of congress saying, look, while we oppose obama care, we do not endorse the idea the legislative tactics of tieing obama care to shutting the government down. instead the letter says, congress should focus on these efforts, balancing the budget, tightening and cutting cronyism, some of the things paul ryan is talking about in the op-ed. what's fascinating about this, many of the groups that have
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been pushing the whole fight over obama care have been funded by the -- in not the koch brothers themselves but organizations that they have helped fund. there's one freedom partners that doled over $230 million over the last year. two groups like heritage action and tea party patriots, other groupses that have specifically pushed the tactic of using obama care to defund the government or using defounding the government as a wedge to get obama care defunded. now here we have the koch brothers who helped foster that movement saying, slow down, we're not there. that's not what we think congress should focusing on. >> michael, thanks for those details. we'll talk with all you soon. wall street reacting positively to the historic announcement president obama is set to make
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in the next hour, nominating janet yellen to be the fed's first female chair. the dow is right now up a few points, 54 points. why wall street and main street seem to be giving yellen a thumb's up. plus -- [ applause ] >> a democrat being congressman among 200 arrested during protests demanding house republicans take up the stalled immigration reform bill. we'll talk with one of the lawmakers arrested there. join our conversation, you can find me at tamron hall and my team at news nation. so i c an reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story.
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president obama will nominate janet yellen as chair of the fed. if confirmed by the senate, she will become the first women to head the bank in national history and first democrat in the post in more than a quarter century. yellen is known for being one of the sharpest minds at the fed. she was recently named by wall street journal as one of the most accurate of the 14 fed policy makers based on her recent predictions and also one of the first to warn of the hoising collapse in 2007. but, yellen was not the president's first choice for the job. he was said to have favored larry summers but summers took himself out of the running after strong opposition from senate democrats in july, a third of the senate democratic caucus wrote a letter to the president urging him to pick yellen over summers. joining me now, tyler mathison,
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i've been see s blurbs that the markets are reacting well and main street. >> she is known for being one of the first inside the fed to have warned about the possibility of a housing collapse and the great recession during those years in the middle of the last decade when interest rates were low and housing prices were going way up. you mentioned her history as and economist and professional, one of the ironies here, her first job as a professor of economics at harvard, whom did she teach? larry summers, the guy who just referenced as president obama's potentially first choice until the political flak started flying. she is favor on wall street because shegs widely regarded as a person who will continue the monetary easing policies that ben bernanke has been known for. that is why wall street likes
2:19 pm
her. the idea of continuing to pump money into the system by buying federal treasury securities and mortgage backed securities, that is something that she has supported. so wall street likes her. she's in favor of keeping interest rates down. that would be why main street likes her. >> it's interesting with the timing with the government shut down and the debate over debt ceiling. those are the factors she knows exist right now but there are so many other unknown variables when you look at the global market. with both of those said, what is her immediate concern you believe on this job? >> she wouldn't get this job until mr. bernanke's term ends in january. and we would certainly hope that by then we'll have clarity on what's going to happen with respect to the debt ceiling and government slowdown or shutdown, excuse me. those hopefully will be in her rearview mirror. of more immediate effect will be what is the state of the economy
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come january if these two dual crises continues, what will the hit be to the economic growth that she'll deal with? how will she have to respond to that? will she continue to pump money in to keep the economy going. she'll aim to keep interest rates low to help the economy. globally europe seems to be improving, that's a good news scenario there. some of the developing world that has been affected by slowdowns elsewhere in the world, that seems to be coming back more slowly. she's got no shortage of problems on her plate. the one that most people would say is how is she going to unwind all of the security purchases that the fed has been doing, how slowly/quickly will she do that? >> these issues hopefully will be resolved but the ramifications and aftershocks of the continued inability of congress to get things down. while it may not have a huge
2:21 pm
impact within wall street. on main street people are less than confident when we look at the unemployment number and housing market as it recovers as well. >> certainly the dysfunction on capitol hill and between the capitol hill and administration is something that she's going to have to deal with. and the economic fallout from that, it's certainly right now slowing the u.s. economy. and if we lurch from crisis to crisis, that is something she's going to have to deal with in her role as fed chairman, assuming she is confirmed. most people would say that is a very strong likelihood. remember, tamron, that last month, when the fed met and decided not to pull back or taper those bond purchases, one of the things the fed cited. we just learned this in the minutes that just came out within the last 21 minutes from that meeting, was that the fed was very worried about the impending government shutdown and even more worried about the
2:22 pm
economic effects that a debt crisis would have. and that's one of the key reasons why they chose at that meeting not to cease their purchases or dial them back in the least. they were worried about that. and that is certainly something on the horizon and janet yellen will have to deal with. >> tyler mathison. we'll carry the president's remarks live for you in the top of the next hour. deadly distraction, san francisco police say commuters on a train were so glued to their smartphones no one noticed a man flashing a gun before he shot and killed a college student. this is our "news nation" gut check. plus, new york and california say tens and thousands of people signed up for coverage under the new health care law but according to politico, the ground war over the president's health care law will be quote, won and lost, in places like texas. [ female announcer ] when it comes to your smile, the coffee you drink adds up over the years... causing deep, set-in stains.
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this week the obama administration is making software upgrades and increasing capacity for the website. part of the website was offline yesterday as technicians tried to fix glitches. but fixing the glitches are a smart part of the puzzle in ensuring the success of the program. as politico notes this week, the ground war over obama care, the one that will determine whether people sign up will be won and lost in places like texas. if a significant portion of the 6.1 million uninsured texans can't enroll, they will miss their target. jennifer, thank you so much for your time here. >> thanks for having me. >> we look at texas population, 25.3 million, 6.1 million
2:27 pm
uninsured. nearly one in four texans are affected by this. this according to the family foundation, we know it's ground battle as it relates to politics, texas being a solid red state and we know where the governor stands on the health care law. >> the white house really needs obama care to be successful there. we see them going out. they put a ton of money in the state. we see a lot of local jurisdictions like houston, putting resources into promoting the law. they are even writing on the bottom of your water bill in houston, here's how to sign up for the health care law. it might affect you. we see a lot of activity because there's so much uninsured. >> the state took the highest percentage of uninsured and texas leads it at 24% followed by nevada, and new mexico, south carolina and louisiana. one would think with that kind -- with those kinds of numbers, the political pressure on the conservatives in the
2:28 pm
state, including senator ted cruz, who many say is the man responsible for this government shutdown as it relates to holding up obama care, it's their desire, that there would be a tremendous amount of pressure coming from those people who need health insurance. >> right, but the way they argue the situation is that these states can't afford all of those people under medicaid rules and insurance rules, they argue there's such a burden it will kriple the states financially if they accept the law. but you're right, it's going to be interesting to see in the next few months as people start to interact with obama care and go on exchanges and perhaps sign up for medicaid if there is pressure on politicians. if you have residence in one state i can get health care and another state i can't, will there be pressure on governor perry in texas to start embracing the law. >> as i mention the obama care
2:29 pm
website repairing some of the glitches. there's a moment from "the daily show" that a lot of people are talking about. health and human services secretary sebelius was on. let me play this and get your thoughts. >> we're going to do a challenge. i'm going to try and download every movie ever made and you're going to try to sign up for obama care and we'll see which happens first. >> we will. >> va has huge problems, i'm concerned. >> we're not running the insurance programs -- >> you're just running enrollment. >> that's right. >> it started rockier than we would like. >> she was also asked how many people have actually signed up and a number she was not able to answer. how does that factor in when you have these voices in states like texas as well ready to battle on every front continually? >> well, this is a huge problem. we're nine days into open
2:30 pm
enrollment and the federal website doesn't seem to be working. the obama administration tells us people are getting few and it's a few an they won't give us an actual number. so far it takes a long time to sign up, let alone get through the process and choose your plans and sign up for one and pay for it. and you know, that's an issue. if you here about this benefit and you're willing to give it a shot and can't get online day after day, that's going to be a problem. that being said, coverage doesn't start until january. even if you sign up in december, you're still going to get coverage starting on the same day. the administration is hoping that people will continue to give it a chance and wait until later in november perhaps to sign up. >> jennifer, thank you very much. interesting article. people should check it out if they have a chance. >> still ahead, a new poll on the new jersey senate race finds cory booker leading his challenger but the number may
2:31 pm
surprise you. some people believe he should be up by more. chris christie confronted on his tough talk during last night's governor's debate. >> using direct and blunt language is something that i've done my whole life and the way my mother raised me. >> mark murray will join us with the challenges that booker and christie both face. every year american students earn degrees in math and science. but only three in ten of them are women. to have enough graduates to fill 21st century jobs...
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2:35 pm
joining me now, mark murray, this is a jersey combo. let me start with cory booker. a couple of ads out, booker has a negative ad on longegan and super pac going after booker. >> he privatized social security, shut down government. ban all abortion, steve lonegan, too extreme. >> mark zuckerberg gave $100 million, booker said he would use it to fix failing schools. did he? no. >> some people are intrigued by the double digit lead, but not what people expected from booker. >> a double digit lead is a double digit lead. it's almost like your team wins by three touchdowns. instead of five or six the die-hard fans really want to
2:36 pm
show the big blowout. a 12-point lead is still big. when you look at some and chat with some democrats observing the contest, they say the one thing cory booker hasn't done is has a lot of contrast like we saw in the one ad there. really hammering the point that steve lonegan is extremely conservative for a blue state like new jersey. booker wants to walk with republicans right off the bat and maybe he wants to work with both sides of the aisle which is why he hasn't had as much tough ads. >> let me play the one with bun know and christie, it relates to his presidential dreams if he does have them. let's play this exchange. >> it doesn't bother me that you're running for president, it's how you're running for president. >> i can walk and chew gum at the same time, christine. i can deal with this job and
2:37 pm
deal with my future. >> how is this a chal erveg for chris christie at this point? >> the challenge for him and what i'm going to be paying attention to in the november contest, how big of a margin he ends up winning by. it is natural that everyone is focused on 2016 and he's somebody who might run for president. the message chris christie might have if he runs in 2016, look, i can end up winning election and re-election in a blue state like new jersey and win re-election by double digits, 15, 20%age points. that would be a message he could have to republicans, look having someone like me not a die-hard tea party person, but i can end up winning in blue states. we'll see if he's able to match that. we'll be watching the percentages for both cory booker and chris christie. >> something we were watching within the last hour, the house unanimously voted to restore death benefits to family members. this has not been a good couple of days for congress as it relates -- i think people
2:38 pm
stunned by this information, this is a part of the government shutdown here. >> well and it's not surprising the house passed this unanimously. president obama said they are going to try take care of it, but the big important part, all of the mini crs have been passed, there's a slifer of the entire u.s. budget. most of the government remains closed down even if parts are being opened like this one. >> mark, greatly appreciated. the house reinstates the military death benefits, unanimous vote, not a surprise considering the heat coming down. is that enough? more programs are being hurt and more people. eight democratic lawmakers were arrested during a massive immigration rally with thousands of protesters around them. the eight congressman including john lewis and keith ellison were arrested after they blocked streets in front of the u.s. capitol building on what they called an act of civil diso
2:39 pm
disobedien disobedience, 200 others arrested. several republican lawmakers also attended the rally and made by bipartisan call for reform. joseph crowley was one of the people arrested at the rally. sir, before we talk about the rally, i want your reaction to the breaking news, the house unanimously voting to pass the -- to make sure the death benefits are given to family members whose loved ones are killed in the line of duty. we saw the five individuals brought back to dover today. 26 killed since the shutdown here. >> yes and it's very sad. i think tamron, that that's what it's come to. the republican shutdown of government has come to this. certainly we should pass this bill and passed it today and the senate will do so very, very soon. it will be signed into law. the reality is, we're now legs lating by headline because of this republican shutdown.
2:40 pm
we all deserve government and all deserve government working for us. i can tell you, my constituents back in woodside queens, they continue to wake up every morning and pay taxes. no one gives them a reprieve. but they are getting less in return for the taxes they pay. that's the irony here right now, tamron. this is all manufactured. this is a crises that's manufactured and needs to come to an end. we need to get the republican shutdown shut down and move on and get this government operating again. >> chuck todd reported last night about 20 republicans would be willing to join democrats in voting for a clean cr. that would give you i believe somewhere around three to spare, three more than would be needed to pass this here. what is happening behind the scenes here? >> well, speaker boehner continues to say there aren't the votes in the house to pass the continuing resolution to reopen government. that simply isn't the case. we know that 200 democrats will vote for that bill.
2:41 pm
as you've just reported, there are more than 20 republicans who will support that. i think the number would be higher if they would allow the bill on the floor. they couldn't vote against that bill. so it really is a lack of leadership on behalf of the speaker. he's enabling the tea party, the extreme elements within his party, they are the ones who are -- much respect responsible for shutdown. but john boehner and colleagues are enabling that to happen. this is their shutdown. >> moving forward to what happened yesterday with the arrest, in addition to trying to get the government back working dealing with the debt ceiling that is looming over our head, there are major issues like immigration reform. after the election and general election, people -- many thought that this would happen after years of conversation that finally given the results of the general election that we would see immigration reform on the fast track and it's been on the slow track. >> yes, in fact, tamron, i was one as you mentioned before, one
2:42 pm
of eight members who refused to move yesterday in this civil protest. and we refused to move because of the lack of movement on immigration reform in the house of representatives. time is running out this year with these manmade republican shutdowns, there's less and less time to address the other outstanding issues of concern to this country. we should be about moving the country forward on creating jobs and improving our economy and dealing with the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. this is something we can't ignore. we have to address the issue and the soon we address it, the better for our country. >> congressman, thanks so much for your time. thank you. still ahead, a 25-year-old missing child case, reopened after more than a thousand people sign an online petition urging investigators to take a fresh look at this case. plus, just moments ago san francisco officials say they believe the woman's body found
2:43 pm
in a hospital stairwell is a patient who disappeared more than two weeks ago. we'll get the latest on that investigation. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...congested. beat down. crushed. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up. [ steam hisses ] actually... guys! [ female announcer ] can. introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. it gets the dirt that mops can leave behind with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this floor so clean? ♪ steamboost, sir! [ female announcer ] new swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. not just clean, steamboost clean.
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police in california are reopening a missing child case, amber schwartz was 7 years old when she disappeared in her front yard in 1988. her case went unsolved for years. in 2007 convicted child molester and murderer, curtis dean and esh son, confessed to killing amber and told fbi agents he dumped her body in arizona. her body was never found and anderson died before investigators could even interview him. amber's mother never believed the confession and said she would rather have amber listed as missing forever than have the wrong person fingered for the crime. they closed the case in 2009 but last month, after a family
2:47 pm
friend started an online petition to have the case reopened, police announced they would be doing so. access new tools and technology to open this case. amber's mother kim schwartz joins me alongside lee, who started the online petition. thank you both for joining me. >> kim, my heart goes out to you as a mother with this open wound in your life, wanting to know what happened to your daughter. what kind of satisfaction, if that is even the right word, does this give you that people were willing to sign the petition and act on behalf of you and amber? >> it makes me feel wonderful. i'm totally excited that i have thousands of people who have backed this up. who believe as i have that curtis dean anderson didn't do it. he used getting off of death row and used my daughter as the way
2:48 pm
to get off death row. and so i'm very happy that we have all of the backing that we have and that the city of pinol has backed us and chief john harvester has opened the case. >> amber was 7, in her front yard when she went missing. even today i imagine when you look back at the day and look back at any possible clues there, what stands out to you most? what is the one thing you want police to reexamine here? >> actually, i want them to start at the beginning and to reexamine the entire case. not many police departments knew what to do in a missing persons case in the very beginning, meaning 25 years ago, we didn't have computers or technology that we have. and now we have it. so if they start from the beginning with the whole new team, i think we will have a
2:49 pm
better outcome. >> and lee, you started this petition thousands of people joined on were you surprised or did you always feel in your heart there would be this ground swell and folks would rally in the name of amber? >> i was not surprised. i expected -- everyone supported us. we had my grand baby went door to door. we had all of my parents in our day care center sign it. we had shops sign and online. there was 1700, 1800 and that was less than a month. >> i know you're a family friend. but what made you take i guess the pain, the worry and turn it into action here? >> well, who wouldn't? i mean, you stop and think kim has been my friend for years. and i just felt in my heart that
2:50 pm
kim really wanted this open. and when you have a friend you're going to stick by them. and if you feel that it should be opened, you're going to try your best. and i wanted to try. >> well, ladies, thank you both for joining me. i certainly hope that you get the information that you deserve and that amber's spirit and life deserved as well. she was only 7 years old. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies. also, my showdeadline crime will air tonight, it's a new night, investigation discovery, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be right back. americans take care of business.
2:51 pm
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officials at san francisco hospital believe they know the identity of a woman found dead in a stairwell, they said it is likely 51 yltd lynne spalding.
2:54 pm
she disappeared in her hospital room and two weeks ago they found a body in a rarely used stairwell. the investigation is ongoing. joining me live on the phone, vivian, what else did they say regarding this investigation? do they believe someone moved her body there? what do investigators say. >> they are not releasing any information at this point. they said this is the only information we have right now. all we know is we found a body and we believe it was lynne spalding's body. >> as i reported in the information you've reported as well, this stairwell rarely used was supposed to have alarms, i'm assuming it did not or they were not working. >> i believe so. it was a fire escape, exterior stairway that leads to the ground from the outside of the building. there's a door leading from the inside and it should have an alarm. >> did you get information on
2:55 pm
the cause of death? >> no, they would not release that information as well. >> what is her family saying? >> they are family was here today and keeping us up to date on what the family is going through. they are devastated. they believe a lot of questions need to be answered by both sf general and the sheriff's department which oversaw the search and did not find her in the stairwell. >> vivian, as i've read, she was supposed to be checked in on by a nurse pretty regularly and then all of a sudden she disappears. >> the last time saw her at 10:15 a.m. september 21st. at 10:30 a.m. the nurse said she did not see her. she was not in the bed anymore. the nurse told officials that she started a search of the hospital. >> okay, all right, vivian, thanks for the update. more answers regarding -- more questions regarding this woman's
2:56 pm
disappearance and how she could if her body had been there for two weeks in the stairwell, how that could have happened and why was she there in first place? we'll continue that follow that story for you. we ran out of time, gut check is online. it is quite a doozy, go on the website and check that out and let us know what you think about it. i'm tamron hall "the cycle" is up next. their coverage includes the president's nomination as janet yellen the fed chair. kohler will make your reality a dream. is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts,
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